No matter were you are: ‘Hello! 感叹词 Ciao 특히 英 Holà! Hallo!’

I would not be the person I am without creativity. I have been either drawing or painting from a very early age. Creative acts make me feel whole.

I maintained an abiding interest in my day-to-day world as the source of creative inspiration. Engaging with my community and the natural world means that the environment of south-east Queensland and where I live strongly features in my works.

ARTIST & FRIEND 2 lowI change over time – and so does the world around me – and this is reflected in the shifts in my creative works.

Working en plein air - directly observating – honestly emoting and experiencing – intuitively responding – freely associating with all sentient beings in my environment – experiencing the influence of ideas and the people around me: These are the things that define my creative work!

Greetings – a warm welcome!

My best wishes – Richard

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